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ECO-6 LUMI: Multi-Currency is Africa’s Paramount Economic Problem–Dr. Linus Etube

T.I Ukende
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Swifin’s Founder Dr. Linus Etube

The Founder of the Swifin digital platform, Dr. Linus Etube has said Africa’s economic problem is Multi-Currency. The economic status of Africa needs Lumi to succeed. 

Dr. Linus Etube has also condemned those referring to Lumi Currency and it’s stimulus programme as “SCAM”. 

Dr. Etube in his post shared on the Swifin’s new Community Portal, gave reasons why the Lumi currency ought to be promoted by Africans however regretted that those who ought to be appreciative are rather referring to the Lumi as SCAM.

He said despite not requesting for a fee or other valuables, people still referred to Lumi as SCAM. His post Reads;

“Poverty and corruption are the bane of African statehood. many people are wallowing in abject poverty, some living below poverty line. This poverty lead some people to corruption that has become cancarwarm among the our people.

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Multi-currency problem is also an impediment to free trade in Africa. Because of this multi-currency problem, African countries are not trading enough with each other compare to other continents of the world where a unique currency are being used for trading.

“A single instrument of exchanging value in real time across the continent which is accessible to all individuals, businesses and Countries to drive frictionless trade and true economic transformation is key for the future economic prosperity of the continent.

We need to do our bit now so that we can hand over a better and more prosperous economic environment to the next generation for them to build on.

If you consider it a waste of time then I can understand and you are free to leave every group dedicated to the lumi and even delete your swifin account if you wish. So you would never have to bothered with this topic again.

To call this a scam though is really a bad word to choose and utterly false as there is nothing they are asking but your participation.

Someone with a credible background in finance looks at one of the biggest issues facing Africa economically and comes up with a solution that offers us the opportunity to turn things around for the better.

Doesn’t this deserve our support instead of looking for a scam even when there is no one asking you for your hard earned money?”

Only participation and patience!”

_Dr. Linus Etube

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