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BREAKING: Pi to fiat Currency Converter designed by a Ghanian Software developer

Abdul Razak Abubakari, a Ghanian Software developer has just unveiled the Pi to fiat currencies converter with cognisance of the Global Consensus Value (GCV) for Pi being $314,159.

The Pi-to-fiat Currency Converter  can convert any fiat currency to Pi and can as well convert Pi to any fiat currency all conforming with the Global Consensus Value. The converter is already available on the Google PlayStore .

Abdul Razak is a graduate of the Tamale Polytechnic and has five years experience in software development. However, he is not a member of the Pi Network’s Core Team, but believes his contribution may be of great value to the global community of pioneers and Pi Network’s ecosystem.

In case you are not aware

Pi to fiat currency converter is a software application or web-tool that provides for the easy conversion of currency values based on the Global Consensus Value (GCV). Pi to fiat currency converter can easily be downloaded for free on the Google PlayStore.

Abdul Razak Abubakari, the software engineer who designed Pi to fiat currencies converter

Abdul Razak Abubakari is an expert in android Apps development and a pioneer. He vision to see Pi Network at the forefront of the crypto market birthed the Pi to fiat currencies converter.


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