BREAKING: Pi Network made headlines on BBC and Vision 4 TV

The first time Pi Network was discussed on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), it appeared as though it was a regular story for a morning show until the media team realized it’s users numbered more than some European countries. Of course they would definitely give a second trial, and this time not only did they tried to explain it, they interviewed pioneers to obtain their opinions on the plans they have for Pi when the mainnet goes live.

One of the pioneers interviewed said, the speculated Global Consensus Value (GCV) of $314,159 is such a huge amount but if endorsed by global leaders it could help in reducing poverty.[irp]

Also interviewed is Mr. Adamu Abubakar. Adamu is the same person who spoke on the BBC Hausa in our earlier report. Adamu expressed that to say a Blockchain system does not fail is not true but if it works as programmed because he read the white paper and understood it.

The presence of Pi Network is almost everywhere, even in Cameroon where separatist had previously caused series of uprising. After a session of interaction between Cameroonian pioneers, some of the leaders of the Pi Cameroon community spoke on Television Vision 4.


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