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BOTH Network Plans Halving Mechanism Upon Reaching One Million User Sign-Ups

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In a strategic move to ensure the long-term sustainability and value appreciation of its native token, BOTH, the BOTH Network has hinted at implementing a halving mechanism once user sign-ups reach the milestone of one million.

According to a recent statement from the BOTH Network team, “Once the number of sign-up users reaches one million, the halving mechanism will be implemented, and the mining rate will become 10 BOTHs per hour.” This announcement signals a significant shift in the network’s approach to managing its digital token’s supply and distribution.

The concept of halving, well-known in the cryptocurrency world, involves reducing the mining rewards by half. This mechanism is designed to control inflation, reduce the rate of new token issuance, and ultimately increase scarcity, which can drive up the token’s value over time. For BOTH Network users, this means that after the user base hits the one million mark, the amount of BOTH tokens that can be mined per hour will drop from its current rate to 10 BOTHs per hour.

BOTH Network is a pioneering cryptocurrency project that enables users to mine its digital tokens directly from their smartphones. This user-friendly approach has garnered significant interest and participation, contributing to the rapid growth of its user base. Additionally, BOTH tokens can be converted to fiat currency without being listed on traditional exchanges, offering a seamless and accessible way for users to utilize their digital assets.

The introduction of the halving mechanism is expected to bring several benefits to the BOTH Network ecosystem. By reducing the rate at which new tokens are created, the network aims to enhance the token’s value proposition and appeal to both current and potential users. This move is also likely to incentivize early adoption and long-term holding of BOTH tokens, as users anticipate potential value increases following the halving.

As the BOTH Network approaches the one million user milestone, the cryptocurrency community will be closely monitoring the impact of this halving announcement. The team’s proactive approach to managing tokenomics reflects a commitment to maintaining a balanced and sustainable ecosystem, aligning with best practices in the cryptocurrency industry.

For now, users are encouraged to continue mining and engaging with the BOTH Network platform, knowing that significant changes are on the horizon that could positively affect their holdings and the overall health of the network. Read More

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