Binance BNB witnessed new price peak as Bitcoin settled on $21k

One of the top performers today is Binance Coin, which has seen a significant rise toward an 11-week high.

The bears abruptly put an end to Bitcoin’s ascent beyond $21,000, and the commodity has since dropped down to just below that mark.

Following the advances at the end of the working week, the majority of altcoins have stabilized, with Dogecoin finally retracing marginally today. BNB, on the other hand, increased to a multi-month high.

Bitcoin’s performance at 21k

Since it surged from $19,000 to over $20,000 last Tuesday, the main cryptocurrency has been on a tear over the previous few days. After the European Central Bank announced it will hike interest rates once again to a 13-year record, it even rose as high as $21,000 in the days that followed before falling back down to $20,000.

But the bulls once more took control and drove BTC north. As a result, on Friday, the asset was closing at $21,000. On Saturday, it actually spiked briefly over that level, setting a new seven-week high.

The cryptocurrency lost a few hundred dollars on Sunday due to the low trading volumes, which prevented it from increasing.

BNB on a New price Peak

The altcoins experienced some significant gains as well, and some of them still do. With an astounding 5% rise, Binance Coin is one of the best performers of the day. BNB has climbed beyond $320 for the first time since the middle of August as a result of this. The restoration of the Binance launchpool may have fueled this.

Earlier today, Ethereum fell below $1,600, but it has now risen back up to it. After the Musk-Twitter transaction, Dogecoin also had a huge retracement at one point, but it has still gained the most this week.

Solana and Polkadot are also well in the green, trading at $34 and $6.8, respectively.

Despite retracing slightly since yesterday, the overall crypto market cap is still well above $1 trillion as of now.

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