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Biconomy and SuperEX becomes fourth and fifth platforms to list Pi Coin amidst trailing controversy

Biconomy  and SuperEx becomes the fourth and fifth exchange platforms to list Pi Coin (Pi Network) trading pair with USDT just a day after Huobi, XT.COM and BitMart listed Pi Coin.

The current controversy surrounding the listing of Pi’s native token has caused it to become a popular cryptocurrency project online. Core Team has urged its community of more than 40 million users not to trust such unauthorized listings that may only lead to asset loss, noting that the cryptocurrency project is still running within an enclosed mainnet and cannot be connected to external platforms.

BitMart became the third crypto exchange platform to list Pi even as it’s still operating in the enclosed mainnet. Huobi Global and XT.COM are the first to list Pi respectively.

Key points to Note

  • Biconomy (BICO) is a blockchain platform that provides developers with a fluid user experience to enable easier Dapp solutions (for end users to benefit from Web 3.0). For customers who are not familiar with cryptocurrency, the platform aims to create an easy-to-use transaction infrastructure.
  • The primary services provided by SuperEx are trading in cryptocurrencies, trading in derivatives, and decentralized high-security storage for digital assets. Supporting cutting-edge services like DeFi, NFTs, savings, mining, and stocks is also important.
  • Pi Network is a cryptocurrency initiative that intends to keep cryptocurrency mining accessible because many common people are no longer able to mine first-generation currencies like bitcoin (BTC) due to its centralization.


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