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Belarmino Silva becomes Cape Verde’s first Ambassador to Nigeria as Prime Minister commissioned embassy in Nigeria

T.I Ukende
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José Silva, Prime Minister of Cape Verde, the only island country in West Africa, has pledged better cooperation and increased trade volumes between Nigeria and his country in the years to come. 

Silva swore on Saturday in Abuja during the official opening of  Cape Verde’s first-ever embassy in Nigeria, noting that tourism and transport would be top  areas for cooperation. 

Speaking to reporters after the opening, the prime minister, who spoke through an interpreter, said  the establishment of the embassy was a big step towards better regional cooperation and integration. 

The prime minister, who jokingly said that Nigeria and Cape Verde can talk about football, stressed that the two countries will benefit from each other with the cooperation  being established. 

“The opening of this embassy means strengthening relations between Cape Verde and Nigeria both politically and culturally. »In addition, we will strengthen relations with Cape Verde and its integration into the ECOWAS region. 

“We will attract more private investment to Cape Verde, we want to attract more tourists from Nigeria. We already have many travelers from Nigeria to Cape Verde.

“We already have some investments from other African countries such as the Floating Hub, which is an investment from a Malian. We believe that politically and culturally we have a lot to offer, even as a tourist destination,” he said. 

He noted that the current volume of trade between the two countries is low, but expressed optimism that the volume will increase in the future, important to increase or improve sea and air links to increase the numbers. 

“In addition, with regard to free zones, it would play an important role if we invested in the connection between the region and Cape Verde to increase the figure,” he added. His country, being the only island country in West Africa, sought to be well known in the sub-region. 

“We are looking for greater integration of markets, commerce, connectivity, private areas and tourism. 

Cape Verde wishes to position itself as an air and digital hub in Africa and integrate regional value chains in trade and industry, ”he said. 

He insisted on the need for regional integration and proper implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area. 

The Prime Minister was accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cape Verde, Rui Soares.

NEWSWAY reports that Cape Verde’s new and first Ambassador to Nigeria is Belarmino Silva.

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