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BadgerDAO finally exposed Details of Its $ 120 Million Hack

T.I Ukende
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The DeFi platform said an application platform that runs on its cloud network was the vector for the attack.

In a blog post this week, DeFi platform BadgerDAO provided details of how it was exploited for $120 million earlier this month.

BadgerDAO said that a phishing incident that occurred on Dec. 2 was caused by “a maliciously injected snippet” from Cloudflare, an application platform that runs on Badger’s cloud network.

The hacker used a compromised API key that was created without the knowledge or authorization of Badger engineers to periodically inject the malicious code that affected a subset of its customers.

The hacker ultimately stole $130 million in funds, but approximately $9 million of that was recoverable since those funds were transferred by the hacker but not yet withdrawn from Badger’s vaults.

Badger has since patched the Cloudflare exploit, updated Cloudfare’s account password and deleted or freshened API keys where possible.

Badger hired cybersecurity firm Mandiant and blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis to investigate the exploit, and is working with both companies, as well as authorities in the U.S. and Canada, to recover any funds possible.

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