Apple may consider recalling iPhone 14 pro over eSIM bug

Apple is conceding in an official message seen by macrumors that there is one issue with the iphone 14 series that leads to a pop-up text that says, “sim not supported” which is often accompanied by the freezing of the phone.

This might lead to tech giant recalling its most admired smartphone, the iPhone 14 series. Even as apple said that it is looking into the issue, it did preclude the possibility that it is a hardware problem. the company is requesting its clients to make sure that they keep their software up to date.[irp posts=”11764″ ]

You can always confirm to see if there is a system update for your apple phone by going to settings > general > software update. and in the meantime, apple is indeed suggesting that those who see the “sim not supported” pop-up text wait a little longer to see if the text disappears. well here’s the essential thing to recollect. if you do get the text about the sim card and it doesn’t go away, do not try to restore the device.

If you’re in this situation and the text continues to be an issue, you might want to head across to the nearest apple store or certified repair service and plan to just have the issue fixed. apple has now had to handle several bugs since the official launch of the iphone 14 series including one issue that made the iphone 14 pro models shake and grind when users recorded video on them over third-party apps like instagram, tiktok, and snapchat.

In case you are not aware

Late last month Apple released iOS 16.0.2 to exterminate that bug and several others. A week ago, iOS 16.0.3 was disseminated by Apple and among the issues it fixed was one that allowed a bad actor to send an email using two double quotation marks in the “from” field instead of the first part of a valid email address. The recipient, upon opening this email in the Apple Mail app, would see the app crash and the user would also get locked out of his Apple Mail account.

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