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An insight into the four Omega Network mining roles and policies

Omega Network is a mining application founded by James Brown (JB) and registered as a Private Limited Company in the United Kingdom. It was established on the 30th of September 2022 with Charter capital of GBP15,000,000.

It’s operation is similar to Pi Network and that’s why it is known as Pi of all AltPi. It acts as a pre – SCP system with focus on Decentralization and Security. The SCP results from the Federal Byzantine Agreement and is a new consensus method that uses the Byzantine Fault Tolerance Protocol (BFTP).

There are four roles of the OM miner details:

1. Pioneer: each participant will receive at determined om/h by entering the App and clicking the “start” button once every 24hrs. You don’t need to open the App After clicking the “start “button and still Automatically the hourly OM.

You will stop receiving OM After 24hrs until you click the “start” button to start a new 24hr session. You can also open the App to make a transaction (for example: pay OM to another pioneer)

2. Ambassador: An OM mobile App user refers other users to the OM network. Then they provide a list of 5 pioneers they know and Trust. These contribution will help the OM network become globally trusted. When you forget you’re account, it is possible to recover your account by asking these five people in the security circle to send information to oM core team . This part is related to the issue of account Authentication (which we will implement in the fourth Quarter of April 2023)

3. Validator: The user is a pioneer, a contributor using OM mobile App and also running the OM nod software on their desktop or laptop computer. The OM nod software is the software that runs the core SCP Algorithm, taking into account the Trust graph information provided by the contributor ( we will launch in Q4/4/2023 when pioneer Award are low )

4. Trainer: Trainer are people who understand web3 and will join the Om web3 ecosystem. They are the leader and lead their team finding and Exploiting NFTs.

Note: the Trainer role will perform soon when OM web3 launches ( Expected late the first Quarter or the second Quarter in 2023)

A user can play more than one of the Above roles. All roles are required so all rules are rewarded with daily OM as long as they participate and contribute during that day. We define “ mining” more broadly than it’s traditional meaning Equivalent implementation a proof of work consensus Algorithm like Bitcoin or Ethereum.
















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