ZUGACOIN: Automatic withdrawals commence worldwide as presales of the GREEN ZUGACOIN begins next month

ZUGACOIN commence automatic withdrawal worldwide.  You need to note the following

ZUGACOIN ERC20 is withdrawable below 100 Dollars now, 500 & 1000 will commence soon but is between ZUGACOIN and Binance Coin only. You can move from Binance Coin to any other Cryptocurrency of your choice. We are not responsible for withdrawal to your local bank account, you can look for any exchange in your country that facilitates the withdrawal of Cryptocurrencies to local bank accounts.

ZUGACOIN BEP20 is swappable on pancakeswap. You can buy today and swap the same day. You can swap up to 10,000 Dollars. But it is advisable to be swapping 500 Dollars per time but swap as many times as you want. You can see the best out of ZUGACOIN BEP20 when you stop activities on other Exchanges and concentrate on pancakeswap. The price will keep going down if you don’t stop activities on other Exchanges.

“GREEN ZUGACOIN is still on presale, it will be listed on 1st December 2021 at 100 Dollars as earlier announced. Work is still ongoing on referral bonus link”.

The same way an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) can not give you money every time, that is the same experience you can have during the ZUGACOIN withdrawal. As you don’t always go to social media to complain how ATM refused to pay you, but go back there some other times and is paid, do the same here.

We are committed to make sure that Africa have financial freedom but perfection is a process. Do bear with us and keep praying for us to achieve our hearts desires for your financial stability as a person, Nigeria as a country and Africa as a Continent.

Continue selling your ZUGACOIN to the people you know. Everyone in your neighborhood should have ZUGACOIN fraction. If you keep plenty of ZUGACOIN without spreading it, you will be considered to be wicked and greedy. The owner of the project, The God of heaven will not take it lightly with you. Remember that 1 know where ZUGACOIN is going to be in the history of the world but I decided to give you the much I gave you. Don’t stop the flow, Don’t keep only for your family members.  Don’t forget about spreading ZUGACOIN and concentrate on withdrawal, you will kill the project and shift the blame to Bishop Samzuga but God and nature will not forgive you and your family members from generation to generation.

Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga

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