You can receive GBX in three ways;

You can receive payments in GBX from other Swifin users by way of a peer to peer transfer subject to GBX transaction fees. GBX is the GBP based digital asset on the Swifin Platform. The value of GBX will move relative to other digital assets in the same way as the GBP subject to any application buy/sell spread.

You can convert AKL, EUX and USX to GBX (and GBX to AKL, EUX and USX) at any time.

2.1 To do this online kindly visit The Swifin platform, you will need to click on Pay bill or Convert, select USX Account (for example) as the source account (From account) and select the correct conversion type from the Payment type drop down menu.

2.2 To do this on the mobile app, you will need to click on Make payment, then select Pay bill or Convert and select the correct conversion type.

3.0 You can buy GBX at any time. To buy GBX online you can click here.

Once you have GBX in your account you can make peer to peer payments in USX to other members of the Swifin Platform subject to GBX transaction fees. All digital assets on the Swifin Platform are designed for Peer to Peer exchange with other participants who must also have an account on the Swifin Platform.

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