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Would Npower beneficiaries of Batch C Stream 1 & 2 also benefit NEXIT loan?

T.I Ukende
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Npower beneficiaries of batches A and B are currently undergoing Nexit Training that at the end successful beneficiaries would benefit from the AGSMEIS Loan designed to finance both start-ups and also expand existing businesses.

The AGSMEIS Loan is coordinated and disbursed by NIRSAL Microfinance Bank which is a subsidiary of NIRSAL. After the NEXIT training CBN has promised successful beneficiaries of N3 million each to invest in the business which they have been trained.

The question which the Npower batch C beneficiaries are asking is that ” would this batch C stream 1&2 also benefit from the NEXIT AGSMEIS Loan too?” The worries over the country are that this administration is running out of time and might not implement same for the current batch of the Npower beneficiaries.

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However, NASIMS believe that for fairness in the polity all batches of the Npower programme from A,B, and C should be treated or given same treatment. So if A and B are trained on a particular skill the same should be done for B and C respectively.

What this entails is that, after the disengagement of the present Npower batch of C, beneficiaries will also be trained on a specific business skill and empowered by the same kind of loan (AGSMEIS). Although, NASIMS stated clearly that the present Npower batch C will be disengaged officially after six months. Why are they then not allowed or permitted to last for the three years that the outgoing batches did? 

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