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Why the old Swifin App is not opening and how to access your account

T.I Ukende
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The old Swifin App which could be downloaded through the Google Play store by all indication is not working and Beneficiaries are finding it difficult to access their Swifin user account.

NewsWay understands that the old Swifin App was a mobile application for the old website accessible at https://platform.swifin.com and has been migrated to a new portal and is accessible at https://connect.swifin.com and has no mobile application yet.

However,  users can use app.swifin.com to access their user profile or account.

Concerning Lumi currency conversion may commence soon as several currency are currently being integrated on the community platform.

Lumi Exchange Rate today 03/03/2022

The Lumi exchange rate has significantly soared high today despite limitations in the conversion of the special currency, compared to its value in the past two days ago which regularly ended around 0.6% increase. 

Today Thursday 24th February 2022, the Lumi has increased significantly high ending in 0.9% compared to Monday.

1. Lumi to Nigerian Naira 1AKL = 6822.68 NGN

2. Lumi to Central Africa Franc 1 AKL = 9561. 14 CFA 

3. Lumi to Egyptian Pound 1AKL = 258.80 EGP 

4. Lumi to South African Rand 1AKL = 250.63 ZAR 

5. Lumi to Ghanian Cedi 1AKL = 110.59 GHS 

6. Lumi to Kenyan Shilling 1AKL = 1871.46 KES 

7. Lumi to Algerian Dinar 1AKL = 2314.28 DZD 

8. Lumi to Libyan Dinar 1AKL = 73.27 LYD 

9. Lumi to Tunisian Dinar 1AKL = 45.80 TND 

10. Lumi to Moroccan Dirham 1AKL = 149.25 MAD 

11. Lumi to Zimbabwean Dollar 1AKL = 5134.00 ZWL

12. Lumi to Ugandan Shilling 1AKL = 56116.72 UGX 

13. Lumi to Liberian Dollar 1AKL = 2455.31 LRD 

14. Lumi to Tanzanian Shilling 1AKL = 36900.37 TZS 

15. Lumi to Angolan Kwanza 1AKL = 8190.68 AOA 

16. Lumi to Malawian Kwacha 1AKL = 12856.78 MWK 

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