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Why Forbes Assets Lists Pi Network’s IOU: A Milestone for the Enclosed Network

Terfa Ukende
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Forbes Assets, a prominent financial publication known for its stringent evaluation of digital assets, has officially listed Pi Coin IOU, the native cryptocurrency of Pi Network. This inclusion has generated significant excitement within the cryptocurrency community, underscoring Pi Coin’s potential and credibility even as the network is still in it’s enclosed state.

Pi Coin’s Unique Proposition

Pi Coin will potentially stand out in the crowded cryptocurrency market with its innovative approach to mining and user accessibility. Unlike many cryptocurrencies that rely on energy-intensive mining processes, Pi Coin employs a novel consensus mechanism known as “Proof-of-Action.” This method allows users to mine Pi Coins using their mobile devices without significantly draining battery life or consuming excessive electricity. This user-friendly approach is designed to make cryptocurrency accessible to a broader audience, aligning with Pi Network’s vision of creating an inclusive and decentralized digital ecosystem.

Recognition by Forbes Assets

The listing of Pi Coin IOU on Forbes Assets is a significant milestone for the Pi Network however, the Core Team Emphasizes that they’re unaware of the Exchanges listing. The team emphasized that the project is yet to launch it’s mainnet hence the need to trade with caution. Forbes Assets is renowned for its rigorous evaluation process, which ensures that only credible and promising digital assets are featured. By making it onto this prestigious list, Pi Coin has gained a stamp of approval that enhances its legitimacy and appeal to potential investors and users.

Expanding the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

The Proof-of-Action consensus mechanism employed by Pi Coin is a critical component of its strategy to democratize access to cryptocurrency. By enabling mining on smartphones, Pi Network lowers the barriers to entry, allowing more individuals to participate in the digital economy. This approach is in stark contrast to traditional cryptocurrencies that often require specialized hardware and significant energy consumption, which can be prohibitive for many users.

Community and Market Impact

The inclusion of Pi Coin in Forbes Assets has sparked a wave of interest and optimism within the crypto community. It validates the efforts of Pi Network’s development team and the growing community of Pioneers who support and utilize the cryptocurrency. This recognition is expected to attract more users and investors to the Pi ecosystem, driving further growth and adoption.

Future Prospects

As Pi Network continues to evolve, its listing on Forbes Assets marks a critical juncture in its journey. The recognition from a reputable financial publication not only boosts Pi Coin’s credibility but also sets the stage for future developments and broader acceptance in the cryptocurrency market. With its innovative mining mechanism and inclusive approach, Pi Coin is well-positioned to make significant strides in the digital currency landscape.


Forbes Assets’ decision to list Pi Coin is a testament to the cryptocurrency’s potential and the innovative approach of Pi Network. By making cryptocurrency accessible through mobile mining, Pi Network is paving the way for a more inclusive digital economy. The recognition from Forbes Assets is a significant endorsement that is likely to propel Pi Coin toward greater adoption and success in the cryptocurrency market. Read More

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