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Ways to make passive income ($1300 a month) with ChatGPT and Amazon (wealth creation ideas)

Abigail Ukende
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If you are willing to put in the necessary effort up front, you can earn this passive income by using ChatGPT for the rest of your life.

Create jobs and templates on Etsy to get money from chatGPT As you browse Esty, you’ll see that there is always a need for resumes and templates because we occasionally lack the motivation to create our own CVs.

Simply visit chatgpt, write a successful resume, and ChatGPT will provide an appropriate template for you. You do not need to pay a designer to correctly design your resume; all you need to do is visit your app shop or play store and download “canva” to make your own cover.

It’s a competitive market, so you can review the best-selling resumes and read the evaluations. Pay attention to the negative comments so you can figure out how to make your own resume stand out for better outcomes.

Amazon offers a another approach to generate passive income. Depending on your preferences, you can write a fiction book for adults or children on Amazon. Storybooks there sell briskly, especially non-fiction books that are educational in a business sense.

7 ways to make money with ChatGPT

The video below outlines seven various ways that ChatGPT can help us make money in 2023.⬇️

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