UPDATE: Malawi begins trading with the LUMI currency


The authorities or Government of Malawi has accepted the new LUMI currency and begins trading with it.

The LUMI currency is a physical as well as digital currency being issued by the Africa Diaspora Central Bank (ADCB). According to the bank’s authorities, the LUMI is under written by Solar Energy and Gold, hence its value should be more than any currency in the world.

The LUMI currency is the official currency for the Economic Community of the African Diaspora Sixth Region (ECO-6). The African Diaspora Sub-Region adopted the LUMI currency which before then used to be the official currency of the Maroon.

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Maroon is a small community or kingdom on an island near Jamaica. Its citizens believed they’re not from Jamaica and should not be controlled by the Jamaican Government, hence, the idea of a new currency of their own.

The LUMI currency derives its name from the word LUMINOUS, which symbolizes the Sun. The ECO-6 Authorities said Africa has high intensity of the Solar Energy which remains the most valuable energy. Africa has excess gold deposit as well, so why should our money be considered less in value? This is the idea behind a single currency, The LUMI. Get more information on ECO-6 here

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