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Twitter sued for “disproportionately” firing female employees

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In the most recent chapter in Elon Musk’s Twitter annals, the social media site is being sued for “disproportionately” firing female employees. The legal action is the most recent result of the platform’s enormous layoffs, according to Reuters, who also reported the original filings.

On Wednesday, a class action lawsuit was filed in San Francisco, alleging that Twitter specifically targeted female employees for layoffs. In addition, the lawsuit claims that it fired 57% of its female employees compared to 47% of its male employees.

The richest guy in the world’s first few months of ownership have been dramatic. Elon Musk, the inventor of Tesla, seems to be unable to avoid controversy ever since he took control of the social media network. There has since been another class action lawsuit added to that list.

According to Reuters, Twitter is being sued for allegedly firing its female employees “disproportionately.” The case was filed shortly after the platform experienced a wave of huge layoffs. then garnering media attention as a result of the company’s precarious financial situation.

The layoffs affected about 3,700 employees according to Reuters, with the firings taking place earlier this month in an effort to cut costs. Additionally, the platform saw hundreds more employees resign from their positions.

According to the law suit, the disparity of layoffs is more apparent in the engineering roles. Undoubtedly more female workers lost their job; with 63% of females being laid off. Conversely, 48% of male engineers were fired.

Two women who had been laid off launched the class action lawsuit. Additionally, they claim that the business has violated California statutes that guard against sex discrimination in the workplace.

Shannon Liss-Riordan, a plaintiff in the lawsuit, concluded that once Musk bought Twitter, women “had targets on their backs.” Three additional lawsuits are still active in the same court as this most recent one.

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