The Time Concepts in Investments, Trade and finance

If you ask any wealthy person they will tell you that time Is by far the most valuable resource we have and that is because time Is wealth.

Unfortunately A lot of people do not understand how time Affects wealth Creation and that’s why A lot of people will Live the rest of their lives in financial mediocracy.

Me and you only have a few hours a day and unless you’re making an unthinkable amount of money per hour it can be difficult to make a 6figure.

Timing is a vital ingredient to a successful trading

Timing in Investments– this is vital in the case of Traders who buy to resell in the future when it is more Appreciated.

It’s also important you understand that As you grow older you have less and less time to devote to making money. For example; as a spinster you could work 14hours no problem. 7years down the line , you have a family now and probably children and the responsibility to manage a relationship or marriage and at that stage time is no longer a resources you can make very good use of anymore.

Rich people when in the process of wealth Creation look beyond their 24hrs. If you look at the richest person in your Forbes list they are business owners who have used the time, capital and experience of others and this is no coincidence.

Another key factor for massive wealth Creation

Variety: it’s the Absence of uniformity. Be diverse, spread out and do more things. invest in more than one thing at the same time. No billionaire on Earth built all their wealth from one single investment including ; Elon musk or bill gate, they all built their wealth from diversification.

Does this mean you misunderstood the concept of time?: Not at all.

All this is to say in order to be wealthy you need to evaluate how your time Affects your wealth.


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