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The Inconsistent Nature of the Nigerian laws in the Determination of Court Cases

T.I Ukende
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Nigeria’s Chief Judge Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad CFR 

The porosity of the Nigerian laws in determining court cases has put the Nigerian legal system in doubt. 

It is disturbing to know that legal practitioners have gradually dragged the administration of Justice to a state of disrepute. One tends to wonder whether these laws have a clear-cut interpretation in the constitution.

The David Umahi Scenario

The current saga in Ebonyi state regarding Governor Dave Umahi, his deputy and 16 others over his defection from PDP to APC is one among several examples of inconsistency of Nigerian laws in deciding judgement.

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Governor Umahi had three court rulings over defection from different courts and none seems to be on one page. After his removal from office by a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, another High Court in Ebonyi has retained him saying it is not legal for any court to remove him over defection matter.

In order to save the legal system from court abuse, confusion, inconsistency and imminent collapse, the the Nigerian Judiciary Council in conjunction with other relevant authorities should prevail over conflicting sections of the constitution to give hope to the common man.

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