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The Brazilian Central Bank concludes it will launch a digital currency in 2024

The idea for the institution’s introduction of the CBDC in 2024 was disclosed by Roberto Campos Neto, president of the Brazil Central Bank. The president informed Poder360 in Brazil of the news today during a press conference.

The bank’s intention to run a pilot program was one of the details given by Neto. Additionally, he stated that the initiative would apparently be carried out in conjunction with a number of financial institutions prior to the CBDC’s various implementations.

At a press conference, Campos Neto announced the information and highlighted benefits of using a digital currency created by the Brazilian central bank. Particularly advantageous is the potential for digital assets to spur involvement.

I believe that the development and inclusion of people in the financial sector will be greatly aided by this digitalized, paid-in, integrated, and inclusive system, said Netos. Furthermore, the development took place after Brazil announced in March that it was developing a digital currency.

Brazil will join other countries with their own CBDCs, such as the Bahamas, Nigeria, Jamaica, and the Eastern Caribbean. Many nations are still looking into a similar strategy that would lead to a more secure, stable market.

Greater inclusiveness, lower costs, intermediation, competition with lowered entry barriers, effectiveness in risk management, data monetization, and full tokenization of financial assets and contracts were other benefits mentioned by Netos. “This is what we observe in Brazil’s digital economy.”


Written by T.I Ukende

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