Tether Emerges Victorious as Class Action Lawsuit Withdrawn

In a recent development, the class action lawsuit against leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and its stablecoin counterpart Tether (USDT) has reached its conclusion, with the plaintiff opting not to challenge the court’s decision.

Stablecoins, a focal point of public and regulatory scrutiny, face ongoing examination concerning issues such as backing, maintaining pegs, and potential illicit transfers. USDT, being the largest stablecoin in circulation, has been no stranger to legal battles and regulatory interventions.

Tether, in response to the lawsuit, declared the case meritless in a blog post following the final dismissal. The legal action was initiated by Shawn Dolifka and Matthew Anderson, who alleged that USDT lacked a one-to-one backing by the US dollar. The conclusive dismissal came after Dolifka chose not to pursue an appeal against the judgment handed down by Chief Judge Laura Taylor Swain of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York.

In August, Judge Swain issued an order dismissing the 2021-filed class action lawsuit. The plaintiffs’ claim contested the one-to-one peg of USDT to the US dollar, a critical aspect in the stablecoin landscape. The dismissal marks a notable moment for Tether, reinforcing its position and underscoring the robustness of its stablecoin model.

As stablecoins continue to navigate the complex terrain of regulatory scrutiny, legal battles, and market demands, Tether’s legal victory sets a precedent in the industry. The outcome emphasizes the importance of a transparent and resilient framework for stablecoin issuers to navigate the challenges posed by skeptics and legal adversaries. Read Similar Story

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