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Swifin to address vital issues including payments before the end of the month

T.I Ukende
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Swifin has hinted that it will look into issues surrounding it’s just concluded upgrade such as users being under credited.

Many beneficiaries of the Lumi currency stimulus expressed worries over their accounts being under credited and some have their Lumis completely wiped out.

This is a technical issue and not what the company intended.

Swifin has urged users of its platform not to worry as they’re working on having their cumulative balances restored.

According to a mail sent to newsway on the 8th of February 2022, the company is fully aware of the error and is working towards restoring cumulative balances of the affected users before the end of the month. The respond reads in part;

“Hello, Kindly be informed that our team of Engineers have taken notice of the error encountered with cumulative balances and in some cases under payment. These are automated services, however, our team of Engineers are working to restored errors before the end of the month. We sincerely apologize for every inconveniences this might have caused.”

We urge the affected beneficiaries to be calm and patient as the company fixes all encountered errors soon.

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