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Statistical report shows CORE Mining platform has 64 million downloads and 12 million active users

Grace Owell
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CORE Mining platform has been growing fast and in less than few months since the last report was shown online, the platform has now shown a significant growth rate with over 64 million downloads and 12 million active users.

With the tremendous growth, CORE has been reported severally to closely follow Pi Network on almost all crypto rankings recently reported on the newsway portal.

A pioneer and social media influencer with the twitter handle @jamila_go has reported on the platform the fast growth of the CORE Satoshi fan community, she stated:

“With the technical superiority of the online operation of the main network highlighted and recognized globally, there will be a very prosperous ecosystem involving the real economy.”


A crypto mining platform with unknown developers is all set to unlock fortunes for it’s 12 million miners. The Mainnet that was supposed to be launched last month was delayed due to it’s Blockchain audit. However, a new date for launch hasn’t been communicated yet.

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