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T.I Ukende
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Time is money so they say, but only he that utilizes his time can earn the money.

If you have been deceived by fraudsters who persuades you to invest N10,000 and earn N50,000 within 30mins then don’t be afraid because is not direct financial investment but you can invest only your time. The truth is that only virtual betting can either give you interest or losses with 5mins, so be very careful how you treat such business proposals.

The only thing you need to start earning through this process is majorly your time and an Android phone. Your need to be familiar with website design though not as professionals but having just a little knowledge of it is okay.

Another necessity is that, you need to be good in article writing. Writing articles daily is the only way you will be earning through blogging. Bloggers are very good article writers. They can write on any given topic or subject in such a way that must convince the reader.

Every one who uses the search engine does so to find solutions to their problems or seeking clarification over confusing issues.

How can to make writing articles for your blog?

A blog is a website that is usually created within another site.

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