South Korean Analyst Ranks Pi Network and CORE (Satoshi) Highest Among 23 Free Crypto Mining Platforms

In a recent analysis conducted by a South Korean analyst, Pi Network has emerged as the top free crypto mining platform among a list of 23 contenders for the fourth week of September 2022. The comprehensive comparison took into account various factors including global search queries, Twitter followers, and growth rates.

Pi Network, a decentralized cryptocurrency project, claimed the top spot on the list, followed closely by CORE (Satoshi). The analysis revealed that Pi Network garnered an impressive 120,200 searches globally during the month of September alone, showcasing its widespread popularity. In contrast, CORE (Satoshi) trailed behind with 13,330 searches, indicating a significant gap between the two platforms.

Data shared on Twitter by @cyfren and compiled in a video by the meronaBeam YouTube channel underscored Pi Network’s dominance in search queries, with CORE (Satoshi) lagging far behind by over 80%. The third-ranked platform on the list was Sweatcoin, with 2,830 searches, showcasing the competitive landscape of free crypto mining platforms.

Sweatcoin, known for its unique approach to incentivizing fitness activities, has already secured listings on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges including OKX and Bybit. The app rewards users for their physical activities by tracking steps and exercises, offering various perks and discounts in exchange for earned sweatcoins. While there is no direct cash-out option, users can utilize their sweatcoins to access exclusive rewards and benefits.

As the crypto mining landscape continues to evolve, platforms like Pi Network and CORE (Satoshi) are leading the pack with their innovative approaches and growing user bases. The South Korean analyst’s rankings provide valuable insights into the preferences and trends shaping the world of free crypto mining platforms, highlighting the increasing interest and demand for decentralized digital assets. Read Similar Story

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