Sidrabank to Open-Source Code Ahead of Mainnet Launch

Sidrabank, a blockchain startup, has announced that it will open-source its code ahead of the launch of its mainnet chain. This move is seen as a sign of the project’s commitment to transparency and its desire to build a strong community around its platform.

The Sidrabank team believes that open-sourcing its code will help to foster innovation and collaboration within the blockchain ecosystem. They also hope that it will attract new developers to the project and help to further secure the platform.

The Sidra dev team has been working on its code for over a year and has built a robust and scalable platform. The open-sourcing of the code will allow developers to inspect the code and make suggestions for improvement.

Sidrabank is not the first blockchain company to open-source its code. Ethereum, Bitcoin, Pi Network and many other major blockchain platforms have all done so. This is because open-sourcing code is seen as a way to build trust and transparency within the community.

The team are confident that open-sourcing its code will be a positive step for the project and the blockchain ecosystem as a whole. They believe that it will help to attract new developers, foster innovation, and further secure the platform.

About Sidrabank

Sidrabank is a blockchain startup that is building a decentralized platform for financial services that complies with Islamic finance principles. The project’s mainnet chain was scheduled to launch in October 2023. Sidrabank is committed to providing users with access to affordable, safe, and secure cryptocurrency services. Read Similar Story

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