Sidrabank Announces Mainnet Migration for Shariah-Compliant Decentralized Banking

Sidrabank, the new project in Shariah-compliant decentralized banking, has officially declared the migration of its mainnet with last only for a week. The announcement came through a statement from the Sidrabank team, urging users to leverage the new platform,, during the migration period.

A Week-Long Transition Period:

The Sidrabank team has advised users to refrain from using the Sidrabank app for the upcoming week, emphasizing the need for the temporary suspension to facilitate a seamless transition. During this period, users are encouraged to make use of the alternative platform,, ensuring uninterrupted access to essential services while the migration is ongoing.

According to the statement, Sidrabank is undergoing a comprehensive overhaul of its infrastructure, with the objective of introducing a fresh and improved platform. The team is dedicated to enhancing the user experience and ensuring the highest standards of security and compliance within the Shariah framework. A Glimpse into the Future: is poised to be the new face of Sidrabank’s decentralized banking system. As the mainnet migration progresses, users can explore the features and capabilities of the new platform, anticipating a more robust and user-friendly experience.

Catering to a Niche Market:

Sidrabank has carved a niche for itself by exclusively serving the Muslim community seeking Shariah-compliant financial solutions. This unique approach has garnered significant attention and trust within the community, making Sidrabank a key player in the decentralized banking sector.

Commitment to Shariah Compliance:

Throughout the migration process, Sidrabank reiterates its unwavering commitment to Shariah compliance. The institution’s dedication to ethical and transparent financial practices remains a cornerstone of its identity, assuring users that the upcoming changes align with these principles.

As Sidrabank embarks on this transformative journey, the anticipation is palpable within its user base. The migration to signals a forward-looking approach, promising a modernized and improved banking experience while staying true to its roots in Shariah-compliant finance. Users are encouraged to stay tuned for further updates and to explore the new platform once the migration is complete, ushering in a new era for decentralized banking within the Muslim community. Read Similar Story

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