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ShadowSwap DEX Launches Community Wallet for Building Infrastructure

Rebecca Ahoame
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The Community Wallet has been incorporated by ShadowSwap into its decentralized ecosystem that is based on the Core mainnet. The wallet will be used by the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform to build its infrastructure and motivate the ecosystem.

The Community Wallet will provide liquidity on DEXes and other platforms, support community projects, and reward community members, according to the protocol’s Discord “Shadow Education” page. 100K Shadow tokens ($SHDW) are currently available in the wallet and will be administered through governance voting, the DEX also revealed through Twitter.

“The management of the Community Wallet will be transitioned over to the community as it becomes more mature. The wallet will be managed through governance voting and a multi-sig wallet, where the community holds the signing power,” ShadowSwap disclosed.

The Core-based DEX has introduced the fascinating Community Wallet, which is designed to motivate its community and hasten its advancement in the blockchain industry. There is further information about the novel feature in the ShadowSwap Education channel on the protocol’s Discord server.

ShadowSwap is a DEX built on the Core chain, offering decentralized trading, including an NFT AMM marketplace, plus a lending feature in the works.

The protocol utilizes Core’s blockchain capabilities to create an open and safe marketplace for traders, liquidity providers, and developers.

What is Core DAO?

Core DAO is the official decentralized organization developing the Satoshi Plus ecosystem. It represents an opportunity for miners to access new revenue streams by contributing hash power to the chain. Inspired by the principles of both blockchains, Core displays a deep appreciation for the crypto ecosystem’s history and an even greater excitement for Core’s role in its future.

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