Russia’s top businessmen paying for Putin’s decision to attack Ukraine

“Economic sanctions affecting Russia’s top businessmen.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin having a handshake with some of the Russian oligarchy.

High class Russians especially yatch owners are facing tough times as beginning to cripple due to a wave of sanctions from Nations that sees Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine as an uncalled invasion.

By these harsh sanctions, world leaders presumed may compell Russian Leader Vladimir Putin to end the war. However, Putin strongly believe Russia has the economic capacity to survive independently without ties with any Western or European nations.

In Italy, Mario Draghi (Italian Prime Minister) has gone as far as seizing a super yatch belonging to a top Russian businessman who deals with energy and fertilizer, Mr. Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko. The seized yatch is said to be worth at least $580 million seized on Friday last week.

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But Melnichenko contested Draghi’s decision saying, He is only a businessman and has no affiliations with the war except his ethnicity as being a Russian by birth.

One of the Russian Yatch

His yatch is the longest on the Italian sea port measuring at least 1.5 football fields put together.

The Russian oligarch class

Oligarch is a term used to refer to the top business class in Russia who also has political influence. 

Though Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in a bid to fight corruption threw many of them to jail and exiled others. Putin believed they amassed wealth through corruption.

Putin began his first term of 10 years very tough and lead to many Russian businessmen relocating to the neighboring countries.

Vladimir Putin has been called upon to end the 18 days war that has claimed many lives including Women and Children.

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