Polestar 4 Redefines the SUV-Coupé: Eyes-Off Autonomous Driving Unveiled

Polestar, the avant-garde Swedish electric performance carmaker, is set to shake up the premium crossover segment with the upcoming Polestar 4, a pure-electric SUV-coupé revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show. Positioned as the brand’s reinvention of the SUV-coupé, the Polestar 4 aims to rival the likes of the Porsche Macan while introducing cutting-edge autonomous driving technology.

The Polestar 4, the brand’s fourth model, promises more than just a sleek and stylish design. Shortly after its launch, the vehicle will offer “eyes-off” autonomous driving technology, setting a new standard in precision and safety. This advanced feature is expected to take the driving experience to a whole new level, allowing for “centimetre-level” precision on the road.

The upcoming Polestar model will incorporate a sophisticated advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), including the revolutionary Chauffeur system from leading ADAS-supplier Mobileye. This system, building on the SuperVision system available at launch, will enable “eyes-off, point-to-point autonomous driving on highways” and “eyes-on automated driving for other environments.”

The integration of lidar technology from autonomous vehicle technology company Luminar, combined with various sensors, radars, and cameras, empowers the Polestar 4 to perceive its surroundings with exceptional clarity. The car’s capability to see up to 600 meters away provides centimeter-level precision, contributing to its ability to map and navigate the environment with unparalleled accuracy.

The impressive 600-meter range translates to a forward view of 7.5 seconds at highway speeds, allowing the Polestar 4 to make informed decisions and bring the vehicle to a safe stop if necessary. This level of autonomy reflects Polestar’s commitment to safety and innovation, making the Polestar 4 a frontrunner in the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology.

As Polestar prepares to launch its reinvention of the SUV-coupé, the Polestar 4, with “eyes-off” autonomous driving, the automotive world watches eagerly for a glimpse into the future of premium electric performance vehicles that seamlessly blend style, technology, and safety. Read Similar Story

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