PiScrow launches new chat system to prevent scammers from deleting chats when facing appeals

PiScrow, an ecosystem utility application of the Pi Network has introduced a chat system to prevent scammers from deleting chats when appeals have been filed against them.

Piscrow is a blockchain-based escrow solution for the safe and reliable P2P exchange of pi for cash. The new chat system will prevent users from deleting chat records.

Similar to a traditional escrow, Piscrow is a platform where PiCoin is first held on behalf of two additional parties who are carrying out a transaction. Before the Pi amount is released to the seller, each party must confirm that the transaction has been completed.

By using Piscrow, barter fraud will be reduced to almost nothing. Payments are not made directly to the vendor until the purchased items arrive. Until the buyer certifies that the goods have been received and are in perfect condition, the vendor has no full claim to the payment.

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