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PiChainMall Unveils Major App Update with Enhanced Features for Seamless E-Commerce Experience

Terfa Ukende
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PiChainMall, the e-commerce platform integrated within the Pi Network ecosystem, has rolled out a significant update to its mobile application, introducing a host of new features aimed at improving user experience and security. The announcement was made via the team’s official X (formerly Twitter) account, heralding the deployment of the updated PCM App and detailing the key enhancements.

In a tweet shared with followers, the PiChainMall team expressed their excitement about the latest update, outlining the following improvements:

1. Optimized Registration Process: The registration process has been streamlined, with the addition of registration notifications to ensure users are kept informed at every step.

2. Enhanced Biometric Login: FaceID and fingerprint login options have been enhanced for smoother and more secure access to the PCM App.

3. Improved Account Merging: A refined account merging function has been implemented to minimize user errors and ensure seamless transitions between accounts.

4. Streamlined ERC4337 Keyless Contract Account Creation: The process for creating ERC4337 keyless contract accounts has been streamlined for greater efficiency.

5. Enhanced ERC4337 Paymaster Transfer Functionality: Improved functionality for ERC4337 paymaster transfers has been introduced to facilitate seamless transactions.

6. Completion of GDPR-related Content: Necessary content related to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance has been incorporated into the app to ensure user data privacy.

7. Optimized Social Recovery Function: The social recovery function has been optimized to enhance security measures and protect user accounts.

8. Increased Security Measures: To bolster security, the app now restricts login to one device at a time, requiring a verification code for login on additional devices.

9. Resolution of Known Issues: Remaining known issues have been addressed to provide users with a more seamless and reliable experience.

10. General Enhancements: Users are encouraged to update their PCM App to enjoy these enhancements and to stay tuned for future updates.

The latest update underscores PiChainMall’s commitment to delivering a user-friendly and secure e-commerce platform within the Pi Network ecosystem. By addressing user feedback and implementing innovative features, PiChainMall aims to provide a seamless shopping experience for its growing user base. With ongoing improvements and a dedication to excellence, PiChainMall continues to redefine the landscape of decentralized e-commerce, offering users convenience, security, and reliability in their online transactions. Read Similar Story

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