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Pichain mall announced partnership with FOMO Asia; says ultimate goal is strengthen applications of Blockchain technology globally

Pichain Mall is thrilled to announce its partnership with FOMO Asia, an organization dedicated to the development and promotion of blockchain technology. With this collaboration, that brings together two of the most innovative companies in the industry, a stronger and more secure blockchain technology is immense.

The partnership between Pichain Mall and FOMO Asia is a major milestone in the journey of blockchain technology. Both organizations share a common vision of leveraging blockchain technology to create a more secure, transparent, and efficient digital economy. This journey is going to be one that Pichain Mall will be very proud of and one that will strengthen the applications of blockchain technology globally and make blockchain technology more accessible and useful for everyone.

This partnership is a clear indication of the potential of blockchain technology, and its potential to revolutionize the way we do business. One that will produce confidence that this new collaboration will bring about, together with a new era of trust, transparency and efficiency in the global digital economy. Also, this alliance will serve as central innovative point for the two companies, and the potential impact is going to be very huge.

Effect of this Partnership on Pi Network Pioneers

The fact that Pi network Pioneers have created a lot of enthusiasm and energy around Pi project already would enable this partnership to move to the next level very quickly.

FOMO Asia is a leading platform for digital asset management, and Pichain Mall is a well-known online marketplace. Therefore, the combination of these two companies will bring more convenience and accessibility to the Pi network, allowing pioneers to purchase and manage their digital assets easily.

This partnership is sure to have a positive impact on the Pi network and its users. With the help of FOMO Asia and Pichain Mall, the Pi network will be able to reach a wider audience and provide more opportunities for its users. This is an exciting development and one that will have a lasting impact on the digital asset industry.

The FOMO Asia and Pichain Mall partnership will enable Pi Network pioneers to build a stronger and more accessible network. Pioneers will be able to use the Pichain Mall platform to purchase goods and services with Pi, as well as to earn rewards for their contributions to the network. This will create a more vibrant and interconnected ecosystem that will benefit all Pi Network pioneers.

So, it is exciting to see the community partnership of FOMO Asia and Pichain Mall come together to enable Pi Network pioneers to build the ecosystem and provide greater access to cryptocurrency for everyone. This partnership is a great example of how two organizations can work together to create a more inclusive and accessible digital economy.


FOMO Asia, as a leading provider of blockchain technology solutions, has unparalleled expertise in the field of block chain technology. So, by joining forces with Pichain Mall, they would be able to bring their cutting-edge technology to a larger audience. Pichain Mall is a leading online marketplace for blockchain technology, and their platform is used by millions of pioneers worldwide. Together, these two companies would be able to provide a comprehensive and secure platform for blockchain technology applications.

Overall, the community partnership of FOMO Asia and Pichain Mall is a great step forward in building the Pi Network ecosystem and providing greater access to cryptocurrency for everyone. This partnership will create a more vibrant and interconnected ecosystem that will benefit all Pi Network pioneers and open up the possibility of cryptocurrency to a wider audience.

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