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Pi Network’s Testnet Phase 2 Finally Ends with 10,000+ Active Community Nodes

Terfa Ukende
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Pi Network has been making significant strides towards its goal of creating a decentralized digital currency. One crucial phase of this journey was Phase 2: Testnet, which commenced on March 14, 2020. This phase marked a vital preparation stage for the transition to a decentralized blockchain and brought to life a live Testnet with distributed Nodes spanning the globe.

Pi Network’s Node software played a pivotal role in enabling individual computers to participate in the Pi Testnet, utilizing Test-Pi coins specifically for testing purposes. It’s important to note that Test-Pi had no correlation with Pioneers’ account balances on the Pi mobile app, serving solely for testing the network’s capabilities. During this phase, the Pi Testnet saw remarkable growth, boasting over 10,000 fully functional community Nodes and an impressive waiting list of over 100,000 daily active Nodes.

The primary objective of the Pi Testnet was to evaluate the blockchain’s connectivity, performance, security, and scalability. Additionally, it provided a platform for Pi app developers to create and test their applications before deploying them on the Mainnet. Phase 2 was marked by the adoption of three major strategies:

1. Decentralization through Testnet Nodes: The inclusion of decentralized community Nodes from around the world was instrumental in preparing for the Mainnet phase.

2. Growth through the Pi mobile app: While the Testnet was underway, the Pi mobile mining app, introduced in Phase 1, continued to onboard millions of Pioneers. This not only expanded the Pi Network community but also contributed to the overall security of the blockchain.

3. Utility creation through the Pi apps platform: Leveraging the Pi Browser and the Pi SDK, the community actively developed utilities and nurtured the Pi ecosystem.

Several significant milestones were achieved during the Testnet phase:

  • – Numerous versions of the Node software were released, enhancing the network’s performance and capabilities.
  • – Pi Network unveiled key components of its ecosystem infrastructure, including the Wallet, Browser, Brainstorm, and developer tools.
  • – A pilot version of the Know Your Customer (KYC) app was introduced on the Pi Browser, aligning with regulatory compliance requirements.
  • – Pi Network hosted its first-ever worldwide online Hackathon, attracting thousands of participants from the Pioneer Community and fostering innovation.
  • – Pi Network’s user base soared to over 30 million engaged Pioneers, and the network expanded to encompass over 10,000 fully operational community Nodes and more than 100,000 daily active Nodes on the waiting list.
  • – Pi Network successfully reached users in nearly every country and region across the globe, demonstrating its global reach and appeal.

The Phase 2 Testnet marked a crucial stage in Pi Network’s journey towards decentralization and the creation of a vibrant, secure, and scalable blockchain ecosystem. As Pi Network continues to evolve, it remains a pioneering force in the world of cryptocurrency, with its dedicated community and innovative approach propelling it closer to its ultimate goal.  Read More

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