Pi Network ranked second after Bitcoin; Outperformed Ethereum, Binance BNB and DOGECOIN

Pi Network has again emerged the 2nd most searched Crypto platforms on the world’s most popular search engine, Google. The rating which was compiled by @cyfren recently revealed that apart from the first crypto ever known in existence (Bitcoin) which was rated first and Pi Network second on the list of top 10 cryptos with the highest search results on Google.

As the most fastest growing free crypto mining platform, Pi Network has received the attention of many people probably due to the level of hype given to it by its users globally.[irp]

According to the rating, Bitcoin has  search results of 563 million on Google, followed closely by Pi Network with 482 million search results outperforming Ethereum which has only 144 million search results respectively.

Others are Polygon with 193 million, Binance BNB 118 million, DOGECOIN 108 million, Solana 76 million, Ripple XRP 62 million, Cronos CRO 42 million and Shiba Inu 14 million respectively.

Newsway gathered that the rating however interchanged the proper positions of Polygon for Ethereum. Polygon ought to have been placed on the third position while Ethereum on the forth position considering their number of search results (Ethereum 144m, Polygon 194m)

A closer look at the Bitcoin and Pi Network shows that the first and the second has a difference of 81 million. While that of Pi Network and Ethereum is surprisingly 338 million, such a huge gap indeed. This also proves that point that Pi Network will also outperform Bitcoin after the launch of the Mainnet.

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