Pi Network Pioneers Favor Delisting of Pi Coin on Exchanges, Newsway Opinion Poll Reveals

In a recent opinion poll conducted by Newsway, it has been revealed that a significant majority of Pi Network pioneers are in favor of delisting the network’s native token, Pi Coin, from cryptocurrency exchanges. The poll, which garnered responses from over 1,100 participants, reflects the sentiments of the community regarding the Core Team’s decision to transition away from exchange listings in preparation for the network’s Open Mainnet upgrade.

Approximately 61% of the pioneers who participated in the opinion poll expressed support for the Core Team’s decision to delist Pi Coin from exchanges. This indicates a widespread consensus among the community members, signaling their alignment with the strategic direction set forth by the project’s leadership.

Pi Network is currently in the process of upgrading to its Open Mainnet, a significant milestone that will facilitate the transition from the Enclosed Mainnet phase. With approximately 35 million members actively engaged in mining Pi coins through the network’s smartphone-based app, the impending Open Mainnet upgrade holds immense significance for the community.

At present, Pi Network operates within the Enclosed Mainnet state, which imposes restrictions on third-party interactions and prohibits unauthorized exchange listings. Despite rumors and attempts by unlicensed exchanges to list Pi or related products, the Core Team has reiterated the network’s stance against such actions, emphasizing the importance of maintaining regulatory compliance and protecting the integrity of the project.

The Core Team reaffirmed its commitment to safeguarding the network’s interests and maintaining control over Pi’s ecosystem. In response to unauthorized exchange listings and purported Pi tokens, the team emphasized that Pi Network has no affiliation with such activities and cautioned against engaging with unauthorized exchanges.

The overwhelming support for delisting Pi Coin on exchanges reflects the community’s trust in the Core Team’s decision-making and commitment to the long-term success of Pi Network. As the project continues to progress towards its Open Mainnet launch, stakeholders remain optimistic about the potential for Pi to emerge as a leading player in the cryptocurrency landscape, guided by principles of inclusivity, transparency, and regulatory compliance.

The Newsway opinion poll provides valuable insights into the sentiments of Pi Network pioneers regarding the delisting of Pi Coin from exchanges. With a majority of participants expressing support for the Core Team’s decision, the community’s solidarity underscores the shared vision for Pi Network’s evolution and growth. As the project advances towards its Open Mainnet upgrade, stakeholders remain united in their commitment to realizing Pi’s full potential as a groundbreaking cryptocurrency platform. Read Similar Story

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