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Pi Network: Pi Chain Mall (PCM) has released an upgraded version of it’s Pi-Snake game

Pi Chain Mall is committed to improving the gaming experience for its users and updating Pi-Snake, its first combat-style PlayToEarn (P2E) GameFi.

To ensure that Pioneers have the best possible experience, the team is constantly improving the game, which is still in the beta stage. The team presented the community with the most recent Pi-Snake upgrades to demonstrate their work. The team acknowledged the arrival of two new elements to the game in a report provided to BSC News .

The development group has first implemented an invitation system. In order to acquire PCM points, users can now invite friends to join the game. Every user they refer will earn them 1 PCM point.

In PI-Snake, skins can be bought using PCM points or exchanged for gold money. The group provided a crucial disclosure regarding the availability of in-game skins.

In PI-Snake, skins can be bought using PCM points or exchanged for gold money. The group made a significant announcement about the accessibility of in-game skins.

The unusual skin will only be offered for the first two weeks before it is permanently taken off the market. Since the third week, classic skin will be given as a gift. And a new skin will be available every week, according to Pi Chain Mall.

The second update includes a special prize for players that amass snake length at PI Chain Mall. To understand more, pioneers should use the Pi Browser to navigate to and select Pi-Snake.


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