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Pi Network: Pailot unveiled at Hackathon 2023; platform that facilitates P2P decentralized logistics

Abigail Ukende
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Pailot is a platform that facilitates peer to peer decentralized logistics by pioneers, for pioneers. Pailot creates an Avenue for senders, receivers to safely transport items from one point to Another, fueled by Pi.

Pioneer continues to only use fiat for delivery despite the enclosed mainnet pi barter. Pailot connects senders who want to pay in Pi, deliverers who want to earn Pi, and recipients who are also pioneers by activating logistics with Pi payment.

Pailot understands the need for additional and self-employed sources of income and offers part-time, full-time, and anytime employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled individuals to have additional and self-employed revenue streams in accordance.

We have been able to save user’s information gotten from the pi SDK, Minor Data, minor user Data for each transactional role, transaction Data and processing of pi payments. The pailot team has also been able to create a friendly user interface to ensure standard user Experience.

The video below provides a quick guide ⬇️


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