Pi Network: Over 1 million PiBridge’s native token (PiB) sold out on ONGATE platform

PiBridge, an ecosystem utility application of the Pi Network has reported an all time high transaction volume on the ONGATE trading platform.

The PiBridge team announced the total number of transactions and remarked how happy they are to see the project gaining widespread attention. Furthermore, they added, “It is also a sign that the project has enormous potential.” The tweet reads:

“More than 1,000,000 PiB sold out at ONGATE. This is the indication of PiB’s and the project’s heat and potential. PiBridge is overjoyed and honored to receive such a warm welcome from you.”

Earlier, PiBridge has disclosed the Initial Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Offering (IDO) of its $PiB token.

The IDO will launch on five distinct platforms, including Onus, Ongate, FantomLive, BAMI, and PinkSale, on December 29 at 02:00 UTC at a price of $0.01.

Tokenomics indicate a total quantity of 250 million tokens, of which 220 million are BEP-20 tokens and an additional 30 million are slated for deployment on the ONUS Chain. During the public sale, 62.5M tokens will be offered.

A token vesting schedule will be in place for the launch to encourage customers to keep their tokens rather than selling them. Nine months of 10% APY will be delivered on the first of each month after the initial Token Generating Event (TGE) of 10%.

What is PiBridge?

PiBridge is a hybrid, all-in-one financial application platform that combines both the DEX and CEX models with multi-chain and cross-chain AMM, farming, lending, a platform for crowdfunding (launchpad), event tickets, the marketplace, prediction, NFT, and other features. PiBridge will develop into a top-notch blockchain bridge that links to various platforms for business, the economics, and education, among others. Pi Network will serve as the foundation for the creation of all products.

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