Pi Network moved from 9th to 7th position as Bitcoin and DogeCoin topped list of top 10 most followed Twitter accounts of crypto platforms

Two months ago, Pi Network was rated 9th most followed crypto platform on Twitter alongside other crypto trading platforms including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Today the story has changed and Pi Network is no longer on the 9th position it was rated earlier.

Pi Network reportedly position itself on the 7th position as another list of crypto platforms rating emerged on Twitter. The new rating regards Bitcoin as the most followed crypto platform on Twitter, having 5.67 million followers on Twitter while followed with 3.61 million followers outperforming Ethereum which has 3.03 million followers respectively.

The equally shows the gap between Bitcoin and DogeCoin to be 2.06 million while that of DogeCoin and Ethereum is 580,000 followers.

Pi Network is placed on the 7th position with 2.04 million followers following its immediate up liner Solana which has 2.17 million followers. Others above Pi Network are Ripple 2.61 million followers and BNB Chain 2.85 million followers respectively.

Below Pi Network are Polygon with 1.77 million followers, Tron with 1.43 million and Polkadot with 1.39 million followers occupying positions 8th, 9th and 10th respectively.

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