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Pi Network Mainnet Launch: What value will PiCoin be officially listed on CEX with?

Each time this subject is discussed on our site, pioneers tend to get into a disagreement. In the past three months, the GCV topic has been at the center of discussion, yet nothing of the sort was taken into account when Pi Network Coin was purportedly listed on Huobi and other centralized exchanges.

Could it have something to do with the Pi Core Team disputing the listing?

Despite the clearer reasons provided by the experts, the GCV continues to trend higher than any proposed value for PiCoin because GCV supporters are unwilling to part with what they value most. According to a Twitter poll, GCV supporters are still not ready to give up the fight.

The value of anything that can be exchanged, including all cryptocurrencies on the market, is determined by a number of factors, including supply and demand, according to economists. For instance, the price will increase if more investors are willing to purchase PiCoin while pioneers are not eager to sell them, and vice versa. Yet because there is a limited supply of many cryptocurrencies, the rising demand will keep pushing up prices.

The video below has provided more details on the GCV ⬇️

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