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Pi Network IOU Price Hits $40 as Mainnet Rumors Spread On Social Media

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As rumors of an open mainnet launch spread across social media, the price of Pi Network’s IOU has reportedly skyrocketed to over $40. With the cryptocurrency still in its testnet period, Pi Network has not authorized trading on exchanges. However, that hasn’t stopped opportunists from capitalizing on the hype. This article explores the recent price spike, what’s fueling it, and why trading real Pi remains prohibited for now. Stick with us to separate fact from fiction about Pi Network’s much-anticipated next phase.

Pi Network’s IOU Price Reportedly Hits $40 Amid Mainnet Launch Rumors

As per recent reports, the IOU price of Pi Network’s cryptocurrency Pi has reached $40, fueling speculation that the project may soon launch its mainnet. Pi Network is a cryptocurrency project that aims to make digital money accessible to everyday people. The project is currently in beta testing, with over 25 million users around the world “mining” Pi coins on their mobile phones.

Growing Speculation About Mainnet Launch

The increase in Pi’s IOU price suggests growing optimism about the project and speculation that the mainnet launch may be imminent. Once the mainnet launches, Pi coins will transition from testnet to mainnet, meaning they may gain real-world value. Some analysts predict Pi’s price could surge even higher upon mainnet launch.

However, Pi Network has not yet announced an official mainnet release date. The network is still in “enclosed mainnet” status, and Pi warns users not to buy or sell Pi on any crypto exchanges, as this violates their policies. Pi Network maintains that any purported Pi listings or transactions on exchanges are unauthorized.

Caution Advised for Potential Investors

While interest in Pi Network seems to be growing, the project’s long-term viability remains uncertain. Some critics argue that Pi Network lacks transparency and a clear path to real-world utility for Pi coins. Pi Network maintains that it aims to build the Pi ecosystem and make Pi coins redeemable for goods and services. However, this goal remains aspirational.

Investors should exercise caution if considering buying Pi, as there are risks associated with any new cryptocurrency project. Pi’s ultimate success depends on the network’s ability to transition smoothly to an open mainnet, gain real-world adoption, and provide long term value for Pi coin holders. The coming months will be crucial in determining whether optimistic valuations of Pi are justified.

Exchanges Listing Unauthorized Pi IOUs Against Pi Network Policies

Pi Network has issued an official statement that the live Pi price and any Pi IOUs being traded on cryptocurrency exchanges are unauthorized and a violation of their policies during this Enclosed Mainnet period.

Unauthorized Listings and Trading

According to Pi Network, they have not approved any exchange or platform to list or trade Pi. Any purported listings, postings or trading of Pi IOUs are unauthorized and not affiliated with Pi Network. Pi Network explicitly prohibits the transaction of Pi through any exchange during the Enclosed Mainnet period.

No ICOs or Crowdfunding

Pi Network wants to clarify that they are not conducting any initial coin offerings (ICOs), crowdfunding or sales of Pi. Pi Network recommends that Pioneers and potential Pi users do not engage with any unauthorized exchanges or third parties claiming to sell or trade Pi to avoid substantial loss or damage.

Evaluating Actions Against Unauthorized Actors

Pi Network is requesting that unauthorized posts, listings and exchanges remove their Pi IOU offerings immediately. Pi Network is also evaluating what additional actions need to be taken with respect to these unauthorized third parties and exchanges to protect Pioneers and enforce their policies.

Important Reminders for Pioneers

It is critical for all Pioneers and users to remember that Pi is not approved for trading or listing during Enclosed Mainnet. Participating in any unauthorized transactions or exchanges of Pi IOUs would be a violation of Pi Network’s policies. Pi cannot be bought, sold or traded at this time. The only way to earn Pi is through the Pi Network app.

Following Pi Network’s recommendations and policies during this Enclosed Mainnet period will help ensure the security of your account and Pi balance until Pi’s listing on authorized exchanges in the future. Stay vigilant and aware of scams – if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

Risks of Buying or Selling Fake Pi Coins on Exchanges

As the popularity of Pi Network has increased, some unregulated exchanges have attempted to list unauthorized Pi coins for trading. However, Pi Network has explicitly prohibited the buying or selling of Pi during the Enclosed Mainnet period. Engaging in these unauthorized transactions poses serious risks to users.

Loss of Funds

Any funds used to purchase fake Pi coins may be lost entirely with no recourse. Pi Network has not approved any listings or transactions, and will not honor or reimburse any losses from unauthorized trades. Users should avoid sending cryptocurrency or fiat money to any exchange claiming to offer Pi.

Account Bans

Pi Network actively monitors for violations of their policies, including unauthorized transactions. Any user found buying or selling Pi during the Enclosed Mainnet period risks having their Pi account banned, resulting in a loss of all Pi coins they have earned or purchased. The only legitimate way to earn Pi is through the mobile app.

Slowed Progress

Widespread unauthorized transactions could slow the progress of Pi Network’s development. The Enclosed Mainnet period is designed to build the user base and test the network prior to opening. Premature trading could destabilize the network, damage user trust, and delay the full Mainnet launch.

Pi Network recommends that all users avoid any exchange or third party claiming to offer Pi coins for sale. The Pi app remains the only approved method of earning Pi during the Enclosed Mainnet beta period. By following the guidance of Pi Network and reporting any unauthorized offers, users can help ensure the successful launch of the full Pi blockchain.

Pi Network Requests Removal of Unauthorized Listings

Pi Network has issued an official statement requesting the removal of unauthorized listings and trading of Pi on cryptocurrency exchanges. According to Pi Network, Pi is currently still in the Enclosed Network period of Mainnet and has not been approved for listing or trading on any exchange. Pi Network has no affiliation with any purported postings, listings or sales of Pi.

No ICO or Crowdfunding

Pi Network wants to clarify that it is not conducting any initial coin offerings (ICOs) or crowdfunding. Any entity claiming to sell Pi or conduct an ICO on behalf of Pi Network is unauthorized and unaffiliated. Pi Network recommends Pioneers and potential Pi users avoid engaging with these third parties to prevent potential loss or damage.

Violation of Pi Network Policies

Pi Network considers the transaction of Pi through an exchange during the Enclosed Mainnet period to be explicitly prohibited and a violation of Pi’s policies. Pi Network is taking action against unauthorized actors and requests all unauthorized listings and posts regarding the sale or exchange of Pi be removed immediately.

Caution Against Unauthorized Listings

Until Pi transitions to the next phase of mainnet, Pioneers and future Pi users should exercise caution regarding any listings, posts or exchanges claiming to sell or trade Pi. These are not endorsed or approved by Pi Network. Pi Network will announce when Pi is approved for exchange listings and trading through official channels. Any listings or opportunities to buy Pi prior to an announcement from Pi Network should be considered fraudulent and unauthorized.

Pi Network is focused on developing Pi to benefit users and society in an ethical manner. This includes ensuring the security, integrity and proper functioning of Pi and that all policies are followed during network development. Pi Network appreciates the patience and support of Pioneers as the project progresses to mainnet. By avoiding unauthorized actors and reporting improper listings, Pioneers can continue helping Pi Network develop Pi responsibly.

Don’t Violate Policies: Avoid Trading Pi During Enclosed Mainnet

Pi Network has explicitly prohibited the trading of Pi during the current Enclosed Mainnet period. Any transaction of Pi through an exchange violates Pi’s policies and should be avoided.

Illicit Activity Will Result in Loss

Unlicensed exchanges and third parties claiming to sell Pi are not affiliated with Pi Network. Engaging with these unauthorized actors could result in substantial loss or damage to Pi users. These illegitimate parties are requesting the removal of their misleading posts and exchange listings. However, Pi Network cannot guarantee these requests will be honored, and advises Pioneers to exercise extreme caution.

Wait for Open Mainnet

Pi Network has not approved any exchange or entity to trade Pi at this time. Pi is still in the Enclosed Mainnet period, and trading is forbidden. Pi will announce when the network opens and Pi can be transacted and exchanged legally and safely. Until then, be wary of anyone claiming to sell Pi or take part in an initial coin offering. Pi Network does not condone crowdfunding or sales of any kind during Enclosed Mainnet.

Report Violations to Pi Network

If you encounter an unauthorized party claiming to sell Pi or facilitate Pi trading, report it to Pi Network immediately. Pi is working diligently to curb illicit activity related to Pi during this sensitive period of development. By reporting violations, you aid Pi in protecting Pioneers and the integrity of the Pi Network project overall. Together, we can build a sustainable, ethical ecosystem for Pi to thrive in once the mainnet opens.

In summary, any current trading or sales of Pi are illegitimate and prohibited by Pi Network. Pioneers should avoid participating in these unauthorized transactions at all costs. By exercising patience and caution now, you can enjoy the benefits of Pi Network openly and securely in the future. Stay vigilant, and help Pi build an honest, trusted community.


As interest in Pi Network continues to grow, it is important to remember that the project remains in its Enclosed Mainnet period. Any unauthorized trading or exchange listings have no affiliation with Pi Network. While the allure of profit fuels rumors and speculation, pioneers should remain patient and avoid risky transactions that violate Pi’s policies. The path ahead promises an innovative cryptocurrency and a fairer system, but only for those willing to stay the course. Continue Reading

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