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Pi Network: Core Team to consider three priorities for KYC solution

A vast majority of pioneers have not yet received an invitation for KYC. Without KYC, all mined PiCoins will be burned, according to the project’s white paper. In light of this, KYC is required and a precondition for mainnet migration.

The Core Team has been looking for more effective ways to enhance the KYC solution, but no long-term solution has yet been put forth. However, three KYC priorities have already been put forth, and they are as follows:

  • Simultaneous large-scale KYC qualification.
  • KYC stand-by status re-approval procedure, and
  • Introduction of verification alarm system.

The ecosystem’s three top priorities will be resolved as soon as possible, the Core Team has promised pioneers who have not yet been KYCeed.

Recall that NewsWay reported earlier that, the Core Team had identified two crucial priorities that must be resolved before launching the Mainnet in order to consolidate operations in the confined mainnet. The two main priorities have been identified as ecosystem utility building and mass KYC. Both are crucial phases in the process of creating a strong ecosystem in preparation for Open Mainnet.

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