Pi Network, Core DAO and Cheatmoon predicted to takeover the crypto market in 2023

With platforms like the FTX entirely collapsing and its token having a value of less than a dollar in 2022, the cryptocurrency market has experienced a significant decline. Other cryptocurrency trading platforms have been impacted by the collapse of the FTX platform, particularly those that had made significant investments in the company before to its demise.

In the final quarter of 2022, almost all coins turned red, frightening investors and even miners.

The launch of the Core DAO and Pi Network will have a major impact on the cryptocurrency industry in 2023. According to our predictions, Bitcoin and Ethereum will both turn green again in 2023 and even 2024. Pi Network, Cheatmoon, and Core DAO will also trend.

Pi Network

Predicted to takeover the center stage of the crypto industry by next year is Pi Network, a new crypto mining and trading platform with a largest community (over 35 million active users) compare to other new platforms.

The goal of Pi Network, a mobile blockchain mining startup, is to make the cryptocurrency revolution accessible to everyone.

Over the years, Pi Network has developed, hosting a hackathon, creating a few functional Pi blockchain apps, and is currently completing the switch to the mainnet.

Core DAO

With the official ending of it’s mobile mining, Core DAO is all set to hit the crypto market and lead some tokens, though not as large as the Pi Network but Core DAO also has a notable community too.

Core DAO is the official decentralized organization developing the Satoshi Plus ecosystem. By adding hash power to the chain, it gives a chance for miners to get access to new revenue sources. Inspired by the tenets of both blockchains, Core has a deep respect for the ecosystem’s past while also showing a great deal of excitement for its future.

Cheatmoon Network

Cheatmoon is a mobile mining app that allows users to mine CTM tokens with their smartphones. It functions similarly to the well-known Pi network.

Additionally, the project suggests addressing significant issues with current blockchains, such as limited and slow transactions.

The mined coin has not yet been released or posted on any cryptocurrency market.

Therefore, it is astonishing that thousands of people have joined the project even if they are not profiting from it.

We predict that, like Pi Network and Core DAO Cheatmoon will have a notable name in the crypto market when launched in 2023 as speculated.

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