Pi Network Circulating Supply Unverified, Raising Questions Before PiFest and Mainnet Roadmap V2 Implementation

As excitement builds for the upcoming PiFest event and Mainnet Roadmap Update V2 release, concerns arise regarding the unverified circulating supply of Pi (PI). CoinMarketCapCoinMarketCap, a leading cryptocurrency data aggregator, has not been able to confirm the project’s self-reported circulating supply of 68 million PI. This lack of independent verification casts a shadow over the project’s transparency and raises questions about its true value.

The unverified circulating supply has major implications for the upcoming events:

PiFest: The event aims to test the agreed-upon exchange rate and provide real-world experience of PiPayment functionalities. However, without a confirmed circulating supply, the validity of the exchange rate and the accuracy of economic calculations remain questionable.

Mainnet Roadmap Update V2: This roadmap outlines the steps towards Pi’s mainnet launch. However, the lack of transparency surrounding the circulating supply raises concerns about the project’s readiness for such a significant milestone.

This situation calls for immediate action from Pi Network to address the following concerns:

Independent audit: Pi Network should commission a reputable independent audit to verify the circulating supply of PI. This will provide much-needed transparency and reassure investors and users.

Increased communication: The project needs to be more transparent with its community, providing regular updates and addressing concerns openly and honestly.

Roadmap clarity: Pi Network should clarify the impact of the unverified circulating supply on the exchanges and adjust timelines as necessary.

Until these issues are addressed, the future of Pi Network remains uncertain. The upcoming PiFest and mainnet Roadmap Update V2 implementation are crucial turning points for the project, and their success hinges on addressing the circulating supply issue head-on. The community is eagerly awaiting concrete steps from Pi Network to ensure transparency and build trust as it moves forward. Read Similar Story

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