Pi Network Blockchain Linked to Visa and Mastercard Purchases Through Metadata Integration

In a bid to launch open Mainnet as soon as possible, Pi Network’s blockchain has been discovered to be linked to Visa and Mastercard purchases through the integration of metadata. This was revealed when the Pi Core Team removed a firewall, causing Pi Coin to appear in the Stellarterm exchange where users could purchase it using credit cards.

The connection was made possible through metadata embedded in the Pi Network blockchain. This metadata, previously thought to be innocuous, was actually used by the Pi Core Team to link Pi Coin transactions to specific Visa and Mastercard card purchases made through Stellar’s Anchor platform.

This discovery raises concerns about the privacy and security of Pi Network users. The fact that the Pi Core Team was able to track user transactions without their knowledge or consent is a major red flag. Additionally, the revelation that Visa and Mastercard information was embedded in the blockchain raises questions about the compliance of Pi Network with financial regulations.

Pi Network has yet to publicly comment on this discovery. However, it is likely that they will face increased scrutiny from regulators and users alike. The implications of this discovery for the future of Pi Network are still unclear. However, it is certain to cause a significant setback for the cryptocurrency, which has already faced criticism for its lack of transparency and functionality.

In light of this news, it is important for Pi Network users to be aware of the potential risks associated with the platform. Users should be cautious about sharing any personal information on the Pi Network app and should consider withdrawing their Pi Coins to a more secure wallet. Read More

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