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Pi Core Team to Release Roadmap Version 2 in December 2023, Seeking Community Input

Terfa Ukende
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The Pi Network Core team has announced the release of Pi Network Roadmap Version 2, scheduled to launch in December 2023. This revamped roadmap will provide a detailed and comprehensive overview of the network’s plans during the current Enclosed Network period of Mainnet, setting the stage for a promising future as the community inches closer to the Open Network phase.

A notable aspect of this upcoming version is the active integration of community feedback. Pi Network, known for its emphasis on inclusivity and collaboration, will be actively seeking insights and suggestions from its community members. This inclusive approach aims to ensure that the roadmap resonates with the diverse needs and aspirations of the ever-expanding Pi Network community.

Version 2 of the roadmap is expected to delve deep into the upcoming features, requirements, upgrades, and other initiatives that Pi Network intends to implement before transitioning into the Open Network period. By elaborating on these aspects, the Core team aims to instill confidence among Pi Network users and enthusiasts regarding the network’s direction and potential.

The roadmap update holds significant importance as it will shed light on the future milestones for each product and program within the Pi Network ecosystem. This comprehensive view is anticipated to provide clarity to users, allowing them to understand the trajectory of Pi Network and how it aligns with their expectations and objectives.

While specific details about the contents of Roadmap Version 2 remain under wraps, Pi Network enthusiasts and stakeholders are eagerly anticipating the insights it will bring. The expansion of the roadmap is expected to provide a roadmap not just for the Core team but for the entire Pi Network community, fostering a sense of shared purpose and collaboration among users.

Pi Network, founded on the principles of trust, security, and community, has garnered a strong following since its inception. With the imminent release of Roadmap Version 2, the network is poised to reinforce its commitment to its users by offering a clear and detailed vision for the future.

As December 2023 approaches, the global community of Pi Network users eagerly awaits the unveiling of the new roadmap. This document, shaped by collective insights and community collaboration, is anticipated to serve as a guiding beacon, illuminating the path toward Pi Network’s Open Network period and beyond. Pi Network enthusiasts, both new and experienced, stand united in their anticipation, ready to witness the next chapter in the evolution of this groundbreaking blockchain project.


The release of Pi Network Roadmap Version 2 is a significant milestone for the project, as it will provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of the network’s plans for the future. This is particularly important given the current Enclosed Network period of Mainnet, as it will help to set expectations and instill confidence among users.

The active integration of community feedback into the roadmap is also a noteworthy development. This demonstrates Pi Network’s commitment to inclusivity and collaboration, and it ensures that the roadmap reflects the diverse needs and aspirations of the community.

Overall, the release of Pi Network Roadmap Version 2 is a positive step for the project. It demonstrates the Core team’s commitment to transparency and community engagement, and it provides users with a clear and detailed vision for the future. The roadmap is expected to play a key role in guiding Pi Network through the Enclosed Network period of Mainnet and beyond. Read More

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