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Online vs offline business; Top six distinctive factors to consider

This has stirred confusion in million of people but to make a decision you need to understand their similarities and the features of each of this this business modules


Online businesses only have one location and it is a digital location. Not a physical location whereas offline businesses has a physical location like the shops and malls..

Prospects reached

There is a limited customer reach for an offline business but there is no limited customer reach for an online business. Whereas it can be reached by more people because it is global.

Cost of set up

The cost of set up for an offline more is more expensive than that of an online business. It takes little or no set up for an online business.


There’s no time limit for an online business because the internet doesn’t sleep unlike the offline business that had a time limit in most case daily.

Promotion and marketing

Offline business have is limited in promotion and marketing while I’m online business, it has a broad way of unlimited broadcasting and promoting.

Business expansion

It is available for an offline business but more available for online business because it is world wide.

At the end of the day , the decision will be yours to take base on your demands.


Priscilla O. Anthony

Written by Priscilla O. Anthony

Anthony Priscilla is passionate about societal growth, business and politics. she started a research about Digital marketing and it's Elasticity in 2019 which is still in progress.

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