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Nigerian Crypto Startup BOTH Network Addresses Public Perceptions of Nigeria

Terfa Ukende
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In a recent post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Nigerian crypto startup BOTH Network shared its views on the public perception of Nigeria, defending the country against negative stereotypes. The message stressed that the issues plaguing Nigeria are not unique to it but are rather common in many nations around the world, including the USA, China, the UK, Brazil, and Australia.

The startup stated, “Nigeria is not a bad country as many of you allegedly say, just some few elements giving her a bad name. This can be found in any country.” The tweet was accompanied by a hashtag promoting the brand: #BOTHNetwork.

BOTH Network is known for positioning itself as a distinct player in the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency within Nigeria. The company’s statement on X aims to challenge the narrative that often shadows Nigeria, focusing instead on the potential and positive aspects that the country holds.

This move by BOTH Network reflects a broader trend among Nigerian enterprises to not only promote their business objectives but also to engage in the socio-political discourse surrounding their country’s international image. By doing so, the company aligns its brand with a more positive narrative of Nigeria, highlighting the ordinary challenges faced by nations globally while promoting its innovations in the crypto industry.

This message from BOTH Network has sparked conversations among social media users about the importance of recognizing the universal nature of certain socio-economic challenges, and the need to support local innovations and enterprises that strive to make a difference.

What is BOTH Network?

BOTH Network is a Nigerian cryptocurrency startup that aims to make a significant impact on the digital currency landscape. With a strong emphasis on community and accessibility, BOTH Network’s V1 project roadmap indicates its commitment to fostering innovation and inclusivity in the cryptocurrency sphere.

The startup has planned a phased approach to its development and expansion. The journey begins with the organization of its community and the establishment of clear communication channels, starting on April 24, 2024. This foundational step is crucial as it aims to build a solid and engaged user base that is well-informed about BOTH Network’s vision and mission.

One of the standout features in BOTH Network’s roadmap is the introduction of mobile mining, set to launch on May 9, 2024. This initiative allows users to mine BOTH tokens directly from their smartphones or tablets. This move is particularly significant as it lowers the entry barriers to cryptocurrency mining, which has traditionally been limited to those with specialized hardware and technical expertise.

Following the start of mobile mining, BOTH Network plans to release a comprehensive white paper on May 10, 2024. This document will provide detailed insights into the technical underpinnings and strategic direction of the network. It will serve as a critical piece of communication to educate and assure investors and users of the viability and innovative approach of BOTH Network.

Ultimately, the roadmap culminates in the ability for users to convert their mined digital tokens into fiat currency by the end of December 2024. This functionality is a crucial aspect of cryptocurrency ecosystems as it provides real-world utility and liquidity for digital assets, enhancing their appeal and usability.

Through these milestones, BOTH Network aims to not just advance its technological and business objectives but also contribute positively to the perception and functionality of cryptocurrencies in Nigeria and beyond. Read Similar Story

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